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Post-16 Enrichment

What’s on Offer?

We are delighted to be able to launch our band new 6th form enrichment (E- Passport)  program with Year 12 and 13. Mrs Beeston has worked very hard, alongside the staff in the Academy to put on a huge range of activities including cultural societies, mental health, floristry, to name just a few.

All students in Year 12 and Year 13 are expected to sign up to at least one of these sessions a week, this is the equivalent of a double period a week or 30 mins per day (if they are helping out departments/duties) This programme is set up to ensure we are enriching the students beyond the classroom and preparing them for their next steps into the ‘real world’ 

See our brochure for a detailed description of what we offer below.(note this is in addition to revision classes)