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Work Experience

Students need to be given the opportunity and support to succeed in the world of work. To demonstrate the strong work ethic valued by employers and to develop the skills and attributes employers look for such as accountability, creativity, good judgement, self-awareness and taking responsibility. Increasing complexities and competitive nature of the labour market and the changing skills demands and recruitment practices from employers mean young people need to embrace the chances offered to them to show employers what they are capable of.

At S Peter’s all Year 10 students are prepared for success in employment, and are fully-informed when making career decisions through the offer of high quality work experience that properly reflects the individuals’ studies and strengths.

Work experience is a compulsory part of post16 study programmes and is inspected and reported on against the Ofsted Common Inspection Framework for FE and Skills.

At S Peter’s this work experience takes place in the summer term of Year 12.  We to look at the work readiness of students and assess if the work experience offered to students is purposeful and planned.


All work experience placements should be registered using the Placement Tool on Unifrog. Please see video link for instructions.