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Sixth Form Application Form

How to apply?

We welcome applications from all students across the city.

Due to the nature of the collaborative sixth form provision, all students at St Peter’s and St
Regis Collegiate sixth form will have a ‘home’ school. This is where students will have either;
the majority of their subjects or where they will have their form time and pastoral support.

For the purpose of admissions students will either be an ‘internal’ applicant or an ‘external’
applicant. For clarity an internal student is a student in Year 11 applying for their current
school. An external student is a Y11 student applying for any other school that is not their
current school.

Both campus’ have their own application process so if you particularly want to be at St
Peter’s or St Regis please apply through the respective schools directly. Links are below.
Students are allowed to apply and hold offers from more than one sixth form provision.

Admissions will go live on Friday 10th November at 9am

Applications for both schools is through the Applicaa Admissions Platform

All ‘Internal’ students will have a welcome email sent to them at 9am on the 10 th November.
All ‘external’ students will be able to apply from 9am on the 10 th using the links below:

St Peter’s Admissions: Click Here 

St Regis: Click Here 

Students applying for the Basketball Academy will need to do so through one of the home
schools. They will indicate their interest in the Basketball Academy as part of the application

All students that apply to either St Peter’s or St Regis will have a 1-2-1 careers interview in
the Spring term – January 2024.
Enrolment will take place on results day August 22nd 2024.

Entry Requirments 

For our Admissions Policy and all other policies please Click Here