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Get Involved

Our alumni, pupils, and friends are leaving a remarkable imprint on our community. They inspire pupils, bolster career aspirations, and play a crucial role in enriching the lives of those around them.

If you're interested in joining this impactful group of people, view below for information about how you can get involved. Regardless of whether you're currently located outside the UK, have limited time, or are in the early stages of your career, there are opportunities for you to make a difference while enhancing your own experiences. Here are three ways you can actively participate right now.


Work Experience

Can you offer our pupils a work experience placement?  Work experience is an excellent opportunity for our pupils to gain crucial 'on-the-job' skills, gain a valuable insight in to the work environment, explore different career paths and boost self-confidence.  It plays a crucial role in preparing our students for the challenges and expectations of the workforce.


Are you seeking an intern?  Internships are paid short-term placements which usually take place during the school holidays.  We can advertise any placements in our Sixth Form and promote any opportunities to our pupils via our social media channels and our website.




Speak to our pupils

Pupils gain significant advantages from engaging with alumni. They are eager to learn about your career journey, skills, and experiences in industries beyond academia. Your insights serve to inspire them, encouraging them to contemplate the array of options open to them. These interactions can take the form of informal discussions or, on occasion, more structured and formal presentations.  Or, alternatively, perhaps your business can participate in one of our careers events or workshops?  We'd love to hear from you if you're eager to get involved!

Feature in our Publications

Coming soon - our St Peter's Alumni Newsletter.




Alumni Leaders

If you're looking to connect with other St Peter's alumni, and you have superb organisation and social skills, take on the role of Alumni Leader!  You'll be tasked with organising social events, promoting networking events and recruiting new alumni members.  Email for further information.

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