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Curriculum Overview

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Our core aim is to support our students in their pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, allowing them to flourish as lifelong learners seeking to love God and serve the community.

Curriculum Vision

Regardless of prior attainment or circumstances, all students at St Peter’s have equal access to a broad curriculum that is knowledge-rich, inclusive and ambitious. Our curriculum will give students the knowledge, skills and experiences to gain qualifications and the social and cultural capital necessary to flourish both individually and in society. Our curriculum should be a joyful experience for students stimulating a life-long love of learning.

It is to enable all students to acquire knowledge that takes them beyond their experience. It is knowledge which many will not have access to at home, among friends, or in the communities in which they live. As such, access to this knowledge is the ‘right’ of all pupils as future citizens.

M.Young & D. Lambert, 2014

Curriculum Philosophy

We believe that the acquisition of knowledge can empower our students and transform their lives. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure all students have equal access to this knowledge.  We know that expert subject specialists are essential to the planning and development of a strong curriculum. Within each subject discipline our curriculum should contain the latest research and knowledge therefore we give time for our teachers to plan and develop their curriculum. We believe our curriculum should be broad and that all students should study the full range of national curriculum content and more.  We strive for an ambitious and inspiring curriculum that introduces students to the very best work in the fields of scientific discovery, literature and the arts.  The structure and sequencing of content is thoughtful and supports the ongoing acquisition and application of knowledge. Students use their knowledge to develop skills specific to each subject discipline and skills that connect across the curriculum.  We deploy specific and focused strategies to ensure our students develop the highest levels of literacy, numeracy and oracy.  Our curriculum choices reflect the context of students and their lives but are carefully considered to promote aspiration and the broadening of horizons.

Curriculum Principles

We are committed to a continuous process of curriculum development. In each subject the curriculum is designed, reviewed and developed according to the following principles:

  1. Our curriculum is knowledge-rich and specified in detail so that teachers and students are clear what needs to be learned
  2. Our curriculum is ambitious, students are introduced to the most important knowledge of each subject
  3. Our curriculum is inclusive so that all students have equal access to the same knowledge
  4. Our curriculum is sequenced so that new knowledge builds on previous learnt knowledge with students becoming adept at applying that knowledge to develop skills
  5. Our curriculum is supported with a strong literacy, numeracy and oracy strategy 
  6. Our curriculum is reviewed regularly –  Senior and Middle Leaders have the skills, knowledge and time to design, implement and review the curriculum

Reading and research that informs our curriculum thinking

Curriculum Choices

Key Stage 3 Curriculum (years 7, 8 & 9)

Our Key Stage 3 provision is built on a strong academic core based around the National Curriculum. Students are initially taught in mixed ability groups, before being streamed in the core subjects. All students are taught:

Mathematics, English, Science, Computer Science, Geography, History, PE, Art, Design Technology, Modern Foreign Languages, Drama, Performing Arts, Music, Religious Education, Citizenship and PSHE.

Our curriculum provides a secure foundation and gives students a rich experience of different subject disciplines to help them  make informed decisions regarding which subjects to continue in Key Stage 4.

Students who require extra support are offered help via a wide range of interventions in school. Click here for more details

Key Stage 4 Curriculum (years 10 & 11)

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum is built around a strong academic core of Maths, English, Science, Religious Education and History or Geography. PE and PSHE also form part of students timetable which is completed with  Example option subjects include music, art,computing, PE, languages, Health & Social, drama and others

Key Stage 5 Curriculum (years 12 & 13 Sixth Form)

The Sixth Form provides a strong curriculum for over 240 students.  Sixth Form students study three A level or Level 3 subjects chosen from a suite of 39 subjects. There is a wide range of traditional academic A Level subjects on offer as well as BTEC Level 3 and CTEC courses. For details of the subjects offered, here is the link to our Sixth Form subject handbook,

Click here for individual subject curriculum documents 

Click here for information regarding individual subject exam board specifications

Curriculum Equality and Diversity 

Equality and diversity is promoted through an inclusive curriculum offer. For details please see our curriculum diversity statement Curriculum Diversity Statement

Enhancement & Enrichment Programme (All Year Groups)

Our extensive Enhancement & Enrichment Programme enables students to take part in a wide range of additional opportunities and to develop increased depth in their knowledge. Full Enhancement & Enrichment Programme

Curriculum Development

The development of our curriculum is a priority and we continually evaluate our curriculum against our curriculum principles. We give regular time for subject teams to come together to discuss curriculum content, what has been taught and what has been learnt. It is through our process of curriculum development that we are able to ensure our curriculum meets our curriculum aims and students experience an outstanding knowledge-rich curriculum.

For more information on our Curriculum please contact T. Barnard, Vice Principal